PLEASE NOTE: This case study uses an actual client engagement but names have been changed.

Louise is a single woman in her mid 60s. She has for many years lived alone. Her three adult children visit her regularly. When they bring her grandchildren to see her she wants to be able to spend time and money on them. She was facing the huge challenge of retirement. Unable to continue in her work because of failing health, she was scared about “jumping” without knowing quite where she would land.

She will shortly be able to draw her New Zealand Superannuation entitlement, and was seeking advice about how to construct her finances to ensure that she will be able to enjoy the life which she wants. Prior to calling us, Louise had been uncertain about where she could go to get “independent advice”. She related tales of advisers always wanting to “sell her something”. This made her decidedly uneasy.

We started our discussion by considering the sort of lifestyle which Louise was wanting, and trying to understand what was important to her. This is the basis of any financial planning, and Louise found it very helpful to have this discussion facilitated. She had “sort of thought about it” before, but never had the courage to follow it through.

Once we were able to cost her desired lifestyle, we were then able to build a simple financial plan. Much to Louise’s delight, we were able to show her that the savings which she had would give her more than enough income to fund this lifestyle – and give her additional funds for such items as new cars, and overseas trips.

Before we held our third meeting, Louise had already confirmed her decision to resign her job, and was starting to put in place the key components of the next phase of her life. We had been able to give Louise the confidence to know that the changes which she was facing would actually produce a very good outcome for her.


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