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Craig – Struggling to get ahead
Craig – Struggling to get ahead

Craig contacted us because, in spite of trying to sort out their financial situation, they just did not seem to be making any progress. Always a little bit short of money, never quite able to pay off the credit card, they were becoming increasingly frustrated and it was starting to impact on their relationship.

Louise – “Taking the leap”
Louise – “Taking the leap”

Louise is a single woman in her mid 60s. She has for many years lived alone. Her three adult children visit her regularly. She was facing the huge challenge of retirement. Unable to continue in her work because of failing health, she was scared about “jumping” without knowing quite where she would land.

Trevor – “A light-bulb moment”
Trevor – “A light-bulb moment”

Trevor self-referred for financial advice. At the age of 28, Trevor was going nowhere. He has a child but is no longer in a relationship with the child’s mother. He has a good job, but admitted at our first meeting that he was “terrible with money”. He buys stuff he doesn’t need, and is always short of money before his next pay….


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